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Social Entrepreneurship

Promote social entrepreneurship among formal and informal sector entrepreneurs in Ghana. We believe that every business has a role to play in the green economy.

Business Modeling

We offer an interactive business model training package for all kinds of entrepreneurs regardless of their educational background.


With our innovative incubation model, startups in the formal and informal sectors are supported on or off location. With our complete incubation package, growing impactful businesses is our focus.


We offer consultancy services for business to support their growth and organisation in the areas of entrepreneurship promotion.

Stakeholder Engagement

We bring stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem together periodically to share their experiences and training materials. The motive is to collectively build a more robust ecosystem that benefits the enterprise support organisations and businesses in the region and beyond.

Training Workshops

We offer training workshops and events that add value to the startups in the ecosystem. In addition, we organise events for the formal and informal sector entrepreneurs using the local language of the city and the English language. This makes it appealing to both the literate and illiterate.

The SE-HuB introduces entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to the effectual approaches to starting a business in societies with high levels of uncertainty. Individuals are taught how to use the resources available to co-create the future – resources that are easy and cheaper to come by.  

Areas of focus:

  • Micro Small and Medium Scale enterprises – MSME
  • Women Entrepreneurship program 
  • Youth Entrepreneurship program
  • Green / sustainable entrepreneurship program 
  • Technology  Entrepreneurship 

Partners & Supporters

About Us

SE-HuB introduces entrepreneurs in the formal and informal sector to effectual and green sustainable entrepreneurship.

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Address: P. O. Box TD 879, Takoradi, Ghana.

Phone: +233 593 987 073


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