"We encourage the youth to use the resources within their control to create new ventures"


As a business incubator, the hub has carried out a couple of incubation programs to assist business founders in establishing or setting up their business from the ideation stages. The hub assesses the growth potential of startups and provides them with the needed assistance to increase the success chance of startups. We provide support such as planning, training and development, research support and so on. Among others we:

Our incubation process is divided into three main categories: Physical Facility Support: where we offer startups physical spaces in the form of co-working spaces, Networking Facilities: where we link startups to our network of mentors, coaches, investors, etc. to grow the business. Support Services: Once the business is up and running, we offer various support services to the businesses to run the business smoothly.

On our own, we have and are incubating startups from Tech to Agric – different sectors. Notable among these are:



Esa Clothing

Nel Sneels Ventures

K and G Farms

Koliko Wear  

Kamon Sustainable Development 

Through the “Social Enterprise Support / Start-up Promotion”- With funding from SEZ through SHARE foundation Germany, we incubated 15 businesses in Takoradi, (Western Region) and Navrongo (Upper East Region) over a project period of one and a half years. In addition to the incubation framework of the businesses they did also receive special training in social entrepreneurship (strategy, product/service development, marketing, sales) to be able to work economically, productively, and be financially independent.

We have partnered with Yunus Environment Hub, Germany to incubate businesses on the StartNow program. The StartNow online platform helps aspiring entrepreneurs to build their business plans within 8 weeks. The program blends online-offline experiences as the entrepreneurs will be accompanied by weekly mentoring sessions. 

With the current cohort, we are supporting 30 entrepreneurs on their journey to build up their social business.


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