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The Social Entrepreneurship Hub (SE-Hub), Ghana strives to create businesses that prioritize the wellbeing of its employees and the environment. SE-Hub has worked with entrepreneurs in various parts of Ghana and in some African countries to promote local businesses and help them adopt more effective and sustainable business models. The team’s projects have extended to Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Germany.

Our Vision

To be a leading social hub in the empowerment of youth, start-ups and businesses in the formal and informal sectors to compete at all levels in the market.

Our Mission

To build the capacity of businesses that have the welfare of its workers and the environment at heart guided by the Effectuation Principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Worked We Have Done

Our Projects

We implemented projects with local and international partners over the past years. Let’s see our impact on the communities and the environment.

Why Choose Us

The SE Hub offers entrepreneurs a supportive environment for entrepreneurs to develop and grow their business ideas, as well as for existing businesses to accelerate their growth. Our team comes from diverse backgrounds and has a wealth of experience in supporting initiatives of those who come to the hub or reach out to us virtually. We believe in starting small with the resources within one’s control. We teach effectual logic, in addition to various models, because of the uncertain business environment we find ourselves.

Our Programs

If you need any assistance, our office is here to help. Please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be more than happy to help you out.


As a business incubator, the hub has carried out
a couple of incubation programs to assist business founders in establishing or setting up their business from the ideation stages.



Start-ups that have moved beyond the earliest
stages of getting established become the focus
of our business accelerator programs.


Stakeholder Engagement

We create great collaborations and
partnerships between and among the enterprise
support organisations within the Western
Regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our Startups

Currently, we are accelerating 19 businesses under the National Acceleration Program. This is being done in partnership with Ghana Tech Lab (GTL) with support from the World Bank, Master Card and the Ministry of Communication.


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Latest news and updates about our activities and events.

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