Social Innovation

“We support and co-create training approaches to support formal and informal businesses in our ecosystem”.

Social Innovation

We offer training workshops and events that add value to the startups in the ecosystem. In addition, we organise events for the formal and informal sector entrepreneurs using the local language of the city and the English language in addition. Our tailor-made, individual method training or seminar is intended to help you to learn interactive methods for interactive workshops , large groups or conferences. Our trainers are experienced professionals with practical experience and are happy to pass on their knowledge to you.

Our workshops and trainings are designed to help improve the social system and make work meaningful for both business owners and employees. We offer customized training in interactive methods for large group workshops and seminars, as well as small group training in the application of large group methods. Our methods for strategy development, action planning, feedback, and structured discussions are designed to trigger interaction and provide valuable insights.


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