CyCLE Up Project

The project focuses on providing training and resources to youth and women so they can use technology to address sustainability issues in their businesses.

About Project

The “cycle up project” for sustainable businesses is a project of the hub to encourage the youth to use the resources within their control to create new ventures.


The project aims to encourage and support young people in creating and running sustainable businesses. This involves the provision of resources, training, and support to help them develop and grow their businesses in a way that is environmentally and socially responsible.

Our CyCLE Up project for sustainable businesses for the youth includes:

Providing education and training on sustainable business practices, such as how to reduce the environmental impact of a business, how to source materials and products sustainably, and how to engage with communities in a way that is ethical and responsible.

We also organise train-the-trainer workshops for individuals and organisations who want to offer mentorship and support such businesses in their organisations or communities. We also engage experienced business leaders and experts who can provide guidance and advice to young entrepreneurs as they develop their sustainable businesses.


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