Empowering the next generation of Ladies in Tech

It is important to promote technology training for ladies/girls/women in Africa to help increase their participation in the tech industry and bridge the gender gap. That is why the hub has taken the promotion of tech education among the ladies/girls/women seriously. This aimed at responding to the growing recognition of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry in recent years.

The hub has organised a series of activities and workshops for ladies in technology orientation and use. Training programs for ladies/girls/women are an effective way to increase their participation in the tech industry and bridge the gender gap. These programs can provide women with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the tech industry, as well as opportunities for networking and mentorship.

Some key elements of the technology training programs we offered for ladies/girls/women include offering hands-on learning experiences, such as coding boot camps or workshops, to give participants practical skills and experience. In some of the training programs, Industry-specific training was offered specific areas of the tech industry, such as data science, to give participants specialized knowledge and skills.

Mentorship and networking opportunities for participants to connect with industry professionals and mentors were also arranged for the ladies/girls/women to build relationships and gain insights into the tech industry. We organised some events with some partners over the period.

We partnered with the Ghana Tech Lab, funded by the World Bank Africa and MasterCard Foundation, to organise some training programs in this regard in the past months. Ladies in Pre-Tech was one of the initiatives. Forty ladies joined cohort 5. The training focused on creating an e-commerce website with development tools such as Visual Studio (code editor) and a web browser. The languages used include HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Figma was used as a design tool to create the website mockups. The feedback from the participants was very positive.

The Pre-Tech Initiative has intrinsically helped me have a deeper understanding of web development. The myth behind Tech being difficult has been slashed out thanks to this 3-week training. Personally, I never regret joining this training because we had good and efficient facilitators, and for the knowledge, I have acquired; no one can take it away from me. ~ Flora Naana Yalley.

A Ladies in Tech initiative was also instituted with our partner, the Ghana Tech Lab, supported by the World Bank Africa and MasterCard Foundation. This initiative was to encourage more ladies to venture into the tech industry. We organised training sessions to equip the ladies with basic technology tools they can use for their work, e.g. website development.

A counselling session was organised with Abigail Amartey, who is into cyber security, UIUS Designer, Forensics Phycologist and an AI Enthusiast. Madam Albert Quist, who has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and the CEO of Jilfa Trends, was our counsellors and resource persons.

From the feedback, a lot more of these programs will be organised for ladies by the hub since it is a valuable resource for helping women build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the tech industry.


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