Sustainable venture creation in Ghana – Upcycling waste into new products.

The hub has supported startups using the effectuation principles (using the resource with one’s control) to create new ventures. Startups are taught to take advantage of the waste that is generated in our environment. We have successfully supported startups like Koliko Wear, Kamon Sustainable Design and many others.

We start our incubation program teaching people how to upcycle waste into new products and/or build businesses in this regard – CYCLE UP program.

Upcycle startups take discarded or waste materials and transform them into new, higher-value products. This type of startup aims to reduce waste and promote sustainability by finding new uses for materials that would otherwise be discarded. That is what the hub is encouraging—the cost of setting up such a startup.

There are many types of upcycle startups, ranging from companies that repurpose old clothing into new fashion items to businesses that turn plastic waste into 3D printing filament. Some upcycle startups may focus on a specific type of material, such as textiles or plastic, while others may work with a wide range of materials.

To start an upcycle startup, entrepreneurs are introduced to different tools that why can use to create such ventures. They are taught how to research potential sources of waste materials, identify opportunities for creating new products from those materials, and develop a business plan to bring their ideas to market.

These startups play a valuable role in promoting sustainability and reducing waste while also providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to create new products and businesses.

Textile Wasteepreneurshp project of the hub:

The Cycle Up has an exhibition center providing students, artisans and designers who are in the recycle and upcycle space to exhibit their products at Social Entrepreneurship Hub.


Some of the businesses under the projects include

Kamon Sustainable Design ( is into the production of sustainable bags made from jeans and other waste textiles. Products from Kamon Ventures include waist bags, luggage bags, handbags, shoulder bags,  backpacks, laptop bags and more. Kamon Ventures is situated behind SOS, Takoradi  Market Circle, in the Western Region of Ghana. 


Nijo Arts & Designs is into the production of artworks, interior and exterior designs, event management and more. The use of rice bags is used for the production of artwork. Products of Nijo Arts & Designs include arts and structural paintings. Nijo Arts & designs are located at Yelock Studios, opposite Fijai Senior High School, Takoradi, in the Western Region.


Phrannys Portion makes bags such as backpacks, handbags, laptop bags, and shopping bags out of recycled plastic trash, fabric scraps, old garments, and denim. In Ghana’s Western Region, Phrannys Portion is situated inside Agric Hills – Takoradi.

Rahmar Craft centre is into the making of Macrame, Ankara and Leather designs. Products are hand-made and hand-stitched. These products include bags, shoes, purses, key holders, curtain wall hangings and more. Rahmar Crafts Centre is located Opposite the Goil Fuel Station, Half Assini, in the Western Region.


Wahab Innovation is a fashion and a design-focused company that produces eco-friendly products from waste materials. These products include making clothing, bags, picture frames and umbrellas. Wahab Innovation may be situated in Takoradi Market Circle, in the Western Region of Ghana, behind SOS.


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