Accelerating startups in the Western Region of Ghana

Social Entrepreneurship Hub, as part of its acceleration program to support startups in the Western region, has organised acceleration for startups over the past years. This year we organise a series of accelerations locally and in partnership with the Ghana Tech Lab and German Sparkasse Stiftung.

The acceleration program is a structured program designed to help startups/companies to grow. The programs provided startups with resources such as mentorship, access to funding, and access to a network of industry experts and potential investors.

The acceleration programs focused on business knowledge transfer, skills, and resources that these businesses need to succeed in that particular industry. Workspace, office facilities, and other resources that can help them get their businesses off the ground were provided to these startups/companies. The acceleration periods for the various startup groups varied; it generally lasted a few months to a year. During these periods, the startups worked closely with mentors and advisors to develop their business models, refine their product or service offerings, and build relationships with potential customers and partners.

Some of the startups could access funding from some of the partner institutions either in the form of grant support for startups or soft loans. This funding will help the startups cover the costs of improving their products or services, as well as help them scale their operations and reach new markets.

The other focus of the acceleration programs was also job creation – equipping the startup to scale their businesses and create more jobs in the process.

The cohorts were crowned with Startup pitches and investment forums, where all the accelerated businesses get to pitch to a panel of Investors (both Angel Investors and Venture Capital Investors) to help secure growth funding. The program targeted tech-driven and tech-enabled startups.

For the National Acceleration program of the Ghana Tech Lab, this is the 3rd cohort. The aim of the project, which includes other hubs in Ghana, is targeted at creating a total of 6,750 direct jobs will be created through accelerated businesses: 2 jobs in the short term (3 -5 years) and ten jobs in the Long term.

The Cycle Up has an exhibition center providing students, artisans and designers who are in the recycle and upcycle space to exhibit their products at Social Entrepreneurship Hub.

Some acceleration startups

Name of startup

Brief Description


DDC Consult

is an advertising, consultancy, marketing and advertising firm.

Advertisement and marketing

MaGuy Consult

Maguy Consult is a branding consultancy for marketing and advertising.

Digital Advertisement

Nel Sneels Ventures

Startup deals with textiles and artefacts from forbears extracted from the waste Banana stems.


Agriz Food Supplies Vent

Startup is into rearing Poultry birds, mostly chicken and selling eggs.


Deen energy

The startup is into recycling plastics, manufacturing irrigation systems, and organic fertilizer production.


Essueku Ventures

The startup deals with piggery and the sale of Building Materials, and goods are delivered by the transportation of Vehicles or vans.

Agric and Construction

Wahab Innovations

Startup is into the making of quality clothes that bring confidence in the individual when they step out.


Full Ideas Beauty Parlour

Startup deals with providing hair care using the right hair product and equipment, making sure that our customers are fully satisfied.


Jennyfest Ventures

Startup is into the rearing of quality Poultry birds and piggery


Ice Cream Corner

Startup is into the manufacturing and supply of ice creams of different flavours, and quality to patrons


Mandy’s couture

Startup deals with the designing and making of quality and beautiful outfits that stand out when worn.


Suzzy Farms

Startup is into the production of Catfish


Phrannys Portion

Startup deals with the designing and manufacturing of quality bags with fabric waste and sachet rubbers.


Nijo Arts and Designs

Startup is into the making of artwork with waste materials like rice bags, and plastic


I.O. Photos

Startup is into Concept creation, Photography and videography.


Africa Plantation Limited

Startup deals with plant nurseries and farming.


Overall, the acceleration program is a valuable resource for startups looking to grow and succeed in their respective industries quickly. By providing startups with access to mentors, funding, and resources, we are able to help the companies overcome challenges and achieve their business goals faster.


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